• CAS: 1061353-68-1
  • MDL:
  • Product number:QC-11683
  • Molecular formula:
  • Purity: 98%
  • MW:
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Brief Description

PND-1186 is a potent FAK inhibitor with IC50 of 1.5 nM.
IC50 Value: 1.5 nM
Target: FAK
in vitro: PND-1186 has an IC50 of ~100 nM in breast carcinoma cells as determined by anti-phospho-specific immunoblotting to FAK Tyr-397. PND-1186 did not alter c Src or p130Cas tyrosine phosphorylation in adherent cells, yet functioned to restrain cell movement. Notably, 1.0 M PND-1186 (>5-fold above IC50) had limited effects on cell proliferation. However, under non-adherent conditions as spheroids and as colonies in soft agar, 0.1 M PND-1186 blocked FAK and p130Cas tyrosine phosphorylation, promoted caspase-3 activation, and triggered cell apoptosis.
in vivo: Addition of PND-1186 to the drinking water of mice was well tolerated and inhibited ascites- and peritoneal membrane-associated ovarian carcinoma tumor growth associated with the inhibition of FAK Tyr-397 phosphorylation. PND-1186 (100 mg/kg intraperitoneal, i.p.) showed promising pharmacokinetics (PK) and inhibited tumor FAK Tyr-397 phosphorylation for 12 hours. Oral administration of 150 mg/kg PND-1186 gave a more sustained PK profile verses i.p., and when given twice daily, PND-1186 significantly inhibited sygeneic murine 4T1 orthotopic breast carcinoma tumor growth and spontaneous metastasis to lungs.
Clinical trial: Phase I, Dose-Escalation Study of VS-4718 in Subjects With Metastatic Non-Hematological Malignancies.



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White to off-white solid

All CEG Chemical products are intended for laboratory research use only.

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