• CAS: 1564286-55-0
  • MDL:
  • Product number:QC-11708
  • Molecular formula: C26H32BrN5O6
  • Purity: 98.6%
  • MW: 590.47
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Brief Description

CWHM-12 a novel small molecule inhibitor of αV integrins with IC50s of 1.8/0.8/1.5/0.2 nM for αvβ1/αvβ3/αvβ8; less potency on αvβ5(IC50=61 nM) and on inhibition on αIIbβ3/α2β1/α10β1.
IC50 value: 1.8/0.8/61/1.5/0.2 nM(αvβ1/αvβ3/αvβ5/αvβ8) [1]
Target: αv integrin
in vitro: CWHM 12 demonstrated high potency against all of the five possible β subunit binding partners (αvβ1, αvβ3, αvβ5, αvβ6 and αvβ8) in in vitro ligand-binding assays, with somewhat less potency against αvβ5 than against the other αv integrins.
in vivo: Treated mice with CCl4 for 3 weeks to establish fibrotic disease and then treated with CWHM 12 or vehicle for the final 3 weeks of CCl4. CWHM12 significantly reduced liver fibrosis even after fibrotic disease had been established. Similar to our findings in the liver, administration of CWHM 12 significantly inhibited progression of pulmonary fibrosis.
References on CWHM-12:
[1]. Henderson NC, et al. Targeting of αv integrin identifies a core molecular pathway that regulates fibrosis in several organs. Nat Med. 2013 Dec;19(12):1617-24.


10 mM in DMSO

Melting point

Boiling point


Formula Weight:

Flash point

Storage conditions

Store at -20°C 2 years


All CEG Chemical products are intended for laboratory research use only.

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